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God has cure her

God has cure her

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Word : Bernice Lau

12th February 2019

Last Sat, Adrian discovered Charlotte had 2 ulcers inside her mouth, so went to pharmacy to purchase Gel.

That night we stay at hotel. I found Charlotte’s body started became warm, I was in dilemma, whether should we check out & went home as I didn’t pack any supplements with me since we only stay for a night.

Without thinking too much, I hold Charlotte’s hands & told her,

let’s pray with mummy“.

While I pray for her, she answered 3 times

Amen, amen, amen“.

I felt she is cute.

That night I didn’t sleep well. Once a while monitor Charlotte. I noticed her fever didn’t get worse but she was sweating (her pillow & her back was wet). I felt comfort as I knew God has cure her. Charlotte slept until morning & she had no fever. Praise the Lord!! 😊

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